Error on deploy from Github: unknown operator '%stringToOid'"

I have Rules like these which help to compare string value stored in JWT token to the owner field of type ObjectId:

"apply_when": {
  "owner": {
    "%stringToOid": ""

It works perfectly if I edit it from the Realm’s UI.

But if I try to deploy the same configuration automatically from Github I get Failed: failed to import app: failed to migrate permissions: unknown operator '%stringToOid' in the Deploy logs and no changes are deployed.
Do you have an idea what I may be doing wrong?

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Hi! thanks for reporting - this looks like a bug. I’ve filed it with the engineering team but as a temporary workaround, you can either
a) continue using the UI to deploy your application
b) write a function that converts an objectId to a string and use that within rules (example here)

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Thank you so much for the response!
I think we’ll use the UI for now knowing that it’d soon be fixed, but it’s good to know there’s a workaround!

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