Error occurred while updating

I try update Realm Studio and get certificate error.

We’re going to need a bit more to go on. Also, please don’t post screen shots of code or errors - post them as text so they are searchable for future readers.

I just downloaded 11.1.1 from the git repo, and ran it and it’s working fine.

Hi @Jay , this screen not permite to select text.
I’m click in splash screen button “A newer version available” and click yes in popup.
Downloading is made by Realm Studio.


GitHub Issue for this problem.

That error was 11.1.0 in that link but I dont think it affected all releases - as you can see it’s working fine for me. (update; macOS Version is ok, Windows version has the issue)

Try the download from the github linked above - not the splash screen. e.g. delete the app, download a fresh copy and try it.

Now that I re-read your bug report, the response was a bit confusing as its stating the 11.1.0 had the issue