ERROR: notebook 6.0.0 has requirement jupyter-client>=5.3.1

I’ve got the following error while installing the provided “requirements” in my virtual Python 3.7.3 environment:

ERROR: notebook 6.0.0 has requirement jupyter-client>=5.3.1, but you'll have jupyter-client 5.2.4 which is incompatible.

I’ve replaced the jupyter-client with the version suggested by pip. I’ll let you know whether this causes any issue moving forward.

I believe jupyter-client < 5.3.1 will cause this issue: No output in jupyter notebook

I also upgraded the jupyter client to 5.3.1 and there has been no issue so far. I have just completed chapter 3.

The only different is i lost the “quit” button on the notebook UI, but you can always control-c the command line to stop the notebook.

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