ERROR: "None of the DNS query names exist" - Please help

Please help:

I’m trying to get set up for M220P, Chapter 0. When I click the URL to load mflix, I get:
“Unable to fetch movies” on my HTML page. Back in the terminal, the error is:

dns.resolver.NXDOMAIN: None of DNS query names exist: _mongodb._tcp.., _mongodb._tcp..

Looks like the address isn’t loading?

I’ve read the other entries here and in Stack Overflow regarding this error. It seems to usually be associated with a bad connection string. I have tested my string in Compass, in Mongo shell, AND in Python - the string seems to work everywhere else. Specifically the string is:

MFLIX_DB_URI = mongodb+srv://

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I’ve been beating my head against a wall for about 4 hours now, and not sure what to do next. The really frustrating thing is that I had this working when I started the course last September, but I’ve changed computers, and having no luck this time. Thanks in advance.

Your connection string is correct.

Have you activated your virtual environment with virtualenv or ananconda?

Have you run the commands that install the requirements?

Yes to virtual environment, yes, to requirements - sorry forgot to mention. PROBLEM SOLVED! Turns out my [TEST] string was correct as above, but my [PROD] string was not. I thought that at this point the application would be using the [TEST] string, so I didn’t pay too much attention to the [PROD] section. Thanks for your help - I’m back in business.