I have been unable to progress any furtheron my study on MongoDB for JavaScript Developers. I have been attempting to install the hand out on my system since I registered and kept getting one error after another. I have ventured on to all possible suggested fixes, installing Python 2.7, reinstalling the lates node.js, installing nodemon, re-downloading the handout and the latest error MSB4019,
I don’t know what to do any more
please help.
I have become several chapters behind due to this stupid issue.

Hi @Melakeselam_Moges_Mengistu_42275,

This is a known error. Can you try doing npm start ?


I tried but I get a nodemon error
see here:

Check your .env file. Also make sure you are running this command from mflix-js directory.


dear Kanika,

I am still stuck. I keep getting errors such as nodemon app crashed… you instructed me to check my .env file but i could not find it in the handout folder. If it is located else where please specify. Also I am not sure what I should check regarding the .env file, should i go inside and change something? Thank you for your guidance.

I will have to take this course again but I need to resolve this issue before I can start.

Thank you again


Hi @Melakeselam_Moges_Mengistu_42275,

You need to follow the instructions provided in README lecture.

There is a dotenv_unix/dotenv_win file for the reference.