Error message on queries in shell

I’m able to complete all the exercises fine, but when I enter a query in the shell, at the end of all the correct information is an Error object.

For example, in the movieDetails collection, when I query:
> db.movieDetails.find({"writers": ["Ethan Coen", "Joel Coen"]})

I get the correct Big Lebowski object, but immediately following that object I also get:
Error: profile command failed: {
“ok”: 0,
“errmsg”: “CMD_NOT_ALLOWED: profile”,
“code”: 8000,
“codeName”: “AtlasError”

Like I said, everything is working fine in regards to me getting the exercises done, I’m just wondering what this error message is… am I the only one getting it?

Please see update from this link

“Your are using a free-tier M0 instance which is a shared instance therefore some user administration options are blocked.”

Ticket: Principle of Least Privilege - Cannot create new user