Error in ticket migration

Hi everyone,
when I run pytest -m migration I get the following error. I am in mflix-python project.

It looks like the migration has not been run as it finds a movie for which lastupdated is not a datetime value.

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Hi @fateme_tardasti

I think @steevej has given a great pointer to resolving your issue for the test failure.

Has this helped resolve your issue?

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How should I run migration separately? I just followed the instructions and ran “pytest -m migration”

Hi @fateme_tardasti

Your test failure is related to the type of variable, the assertion checks to see if it is a ‘datetime’. The test fails because the field being tested isn’t updated to this type.

The next step is to modified your code to apply this suggestion and then re-run the test.

Hope this helps.

As indicated in the instructions, with the following command.