Error in example from Chapter 2 update operators

Hello, I have tried to type (from screenshot) the first example in this video to use the $push operator.
I am getting:
[js] uncaught exception: SyntaxError: illegal character :

Below is the command I typed. Can anyone tell me what is wrong with it? Thanks in advance:

let reviewText1 = [
"The Martian could have been a sad drama file, instead it was a ",
"hilarious file with a little bit of drama added to it. The Martian is what ",
"everybody wants from a space adventure. Ridley Scott can still make great ",
“movies and this is one of his best.”
title: “The Martian Test”
}, {
$push: {
reviews: {
rating: 4.5,
date: ISODate(“2016-01-12T09:00:00Z”),
reviewer: “Spencer H.”,
text: reviewText1

OK, I am answering my own question. Partly my fault, but I must share the blame with the Mac TextEdit, which put the wrong type of double-quotes into my command when I typed it.

Lesson learned, I won’t be using TextEdit to type code anymore!!

Hi @Greg_Taylor,

Thanks for sharing this. I think this is one of the most commonly occurring issues. I would probably add a note for this in the courseware.

~ Shubham