Error Domain=io.realm Code=2 "Unable to open a realm at path '<Path>/default.realm': Realm file decryption failed Path:Exception

Hi, I’m developing an IOS mobile app that uses the Realm database, we already have the first version of the app in the App Store, and we’re currently working on the second version, and we’re having a problem updating the app. When we try to update an application that is already installed on the device we get this strange error, as if the realm could not be initialized <Error Domain=io.realm Code=2 “Unable to open a realm at path>”. However, when the application is installed on a device that does not have the old version of the program works fine, we used to think that it was a migration and as if we implemented an automatic migration and transfer the new version to the AppDelegate for realm. In the first version of the program we use Realm 10.25.1 in the second version of the program we use Realm version 10.32.3

The app crashes at this point

let realm = try! Realm()

I hope for your advice

It would be helpful to know what the old file path was vs the new file path. I believe the insinuation is they are the same but can you verify by adding a temporary statement to your code to output the file path to console old vs new and then comparing them?

Just want to ensure it’s not trying to work with a file at a different path.

I don’t have access to a test device today and can’t check it. I will be able to do it from Monday.
A bit of additional information I got yesterday, the realm in the new version of my app works fine when I delete the old realm on an initialization error.