Error connect the class Atlas cluster to the mongo Shell

Hi all,

I am getting this error (see screenshot attached) while trying to connect the class Atlas cluster to the mongo Shell.

Errore_Shell.pdf (171.5 KB)

I have been trying using both strings as mentioned in the chapter:

None of them worked.

Could you please advise what’s the problem here and how to fix this?

Thank you

Hi @Luigi_Di_Fiore,

Can you see this page in the browser?

And out of curiosity, if you run mongo --version what’s the output?

HI @Santiago_Miranda
see screenshot attached
Errore_shell_2.pdf (454.8 KB)

I see openssl isn’t there in your mongo --version

I can also tell that from my pc the pings are fine, so the connection string you are using is ok.

Hopefully one of the experts here will give you more guidance.

Thank you

That’s great @Luigi_Di_Fiore !!
how did you manage?

I rerun the first command