Error Code: 4B810EA5 - Tableau could not connect to the data source

Hi All,

I am trying to connect, Tableau to MongoDB Atlas using BI connector. I have enabled MongoDB BI connector in MongoDB Atlas (M10 cluster). I have installed the ODBC driver and went ahead with my System DSN setup.

Post that I have established a data connectivity using ODBC data sources using the DSN created in my previous step.

The connection failed with the below error message:

“Bad Connection: Tableau could not connect to the data source.
Note that you might need to make local configuration changes to resolve the error.

Error Code: 4B810EA5

MongoDB BI Connector versions older than 4.1.1 are not supported by this version of Tableau.”

Could someone help and let me know the resolution to solve this issue.


Hi @Jay_Thattai,

What are your versions of:

  • MongoDB ODBC Driver
  • MongoDB Connector for BI
  • Tableau

I believe the error message you are encountering should only be displayed by a very outdated version of the BI Connector. The 4.1.1 version in this context is referring to a minimum expected version of the MySQL wire protocol being used.

If you are not already using the latest versions of the MongoDB ODBC Driver & BI Connector, please try again after updating software versions.