[Error] Chapter 2: Utility Stages Lab: Using Cursor-like Stages

Sorry if this subject has already been discussed, but IMO there is an error in the detailed answer for the “Using Cursor-like Stages” Lab :

Then, we will be projecting the num_favs value by calculating the $size of the array intersection, between the given set of favorites and the film cast:

$project: {
_id: 0,
title: 1,
“tomatoes.viewer.rating”: 1,
starPower: {
$size: {
$setIntersection: favorites

–> “starPower” should be “num_favs”
–> the “cast” array is missing in the $setIntersection statement

Thank you

Hi @Julien_Ballaud,

Nice catch!!

Thanks for sharing this, we will get it corrected as soon as possible.