Error attaching an existing deployment to OpsManager


I’m trying to add existing mongodb replicasets to a rencently installed Ops Manager, but I’m obtaining always the same error:

Error adding automation.
PORT 27017: Unknown MongoDB version with git version: 72e66213c2c3eab37d9358d5e78ad7f5c1d0d0d7, name 4.4.6

Mongodb is running on that port and the communication between OpsManager server and the deployment is OK through 27017 port. All server are reachable from the others. The user login is correct.

I’m completely stuck on this.

Can anyone help?

Ops Manager version:
Ops Manager MongoDB version: 4.4.8

Deployments MongoDB versions: 4.4.8 and 4.4.6

Hi @Guillermo_San_Juan_Corral welcome to the community!

Since Ops Manager is part of the Enterprise Advanced subscription, I think the best way forward is to contact support so this can be resolved (Enterprise Advanced subscription includes access to MongoDB support). This is because a lot of Ops Manager & automation issues are tied to the environment, and a deeper knowledge is needed to be able to conclusively get this fixed.

If you’re evaluating Ops Manager and would like further help with this, please DM me and I can connect you to the right person.

Best regards

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Finally I have opened a case on Mongo Support as you suggested.

Thanks for your time!

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