Error An error occurred while loading navigation: 'not master and slaveOk=false'

An error occurred while loading navigation: ‘not master and slaveOk=false’: It is recommended to change your read preference in the connection dialog to Primary Preferred or Secondary Preferred or provide a replica set name for a full topology connection.

Getting above error while trying to connect to the sandbox cluster.

Please help as today’s the due date complete the exercise.



This was explained in the training I believe… or was that in M103? I’m taking three at the same time, so I get them confused :slight_smile:

Anyway… You need to set your read preference to Prefer Primary, which will also allow to read from secondaries.


“Primary Preferred” in “Read Preference” dropdown.

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The same for me :frowning:

I can’t navigate :frowning:

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I have experienced the same issue on my MongoDB Compass.

  1. Disconnect if connected
  2. Check your connection information. In my case, for some reason, the password is blank. I re-typed in the password
  3. Just leave all other items as is.
  4. Save Favorite
  5. Connect

Hope this helps


Hi All,

Please take a look at this post here.

Let me know if you still face any issues!


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Hi, that happen to me so I create a new connection and work, just that :face_with_monocle::ok_hand::guatemala:

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