Error accessing course Syllabus

Hi, I have run into the following error “Something went wrong. Please try again.”
Is this failure an indication of incomplete course registration on your back end or I need to apply a change on my side to resolve?
Thanks much!

Which particular URL are you trying to access? And could you please retry by going to the course from your “My Courses” dashboard?

Hi Octavian_90298,

I am unable to replicate the issue :frowning: We can help you much faster if you can let us know what url is causing the issue or the steps of reproducing the error.

Always as tess suggested, just go to “My Courses” section and give it a try again. You can also try from some different browser.

Let me know what works!


I am using “My Courses” section attempting to open the Chapter 0 video and handouts. It looks like this access error is specific to browser settings, because I was able to access the Course content properly from a different system, but not from my work lap top.
Thanks much for checking guys!