"errmsg" : "not authorized on videoNew to execute command { drop: \"movieDetails\", $db: \"video\" }",

Authorization error while executing command
MongoDB Enterprise Cluster0-shard-0:PRIMARY> load(“loadMovieDetailsDataset.js”)

on mongo shell.

Please make sure you are connected to the correct cluster
Most likely you connected to Class cluster which is read only
What command you used to connect to mongodb
Connect to your Sandbox cluster and load the data

Hi @vinod_76922,

As @Ramachandra_37567 mentioned, in this video Lecture: Loading Data into Your Sandbox Cluster you are supposed to load the loadMovieDetailsDataset.js into your Sandbox cluster which you created in the Lecture: Lab 2.0: Create an Atlas Sandbox Cluster (Ungraded).

If you don’t know how to connect to your Sandbox cluster then please refer this video Lecture: Connecting to Your Sandbox Cluster from the mongo Shell.

If you have any other query, please feel free to get back to us.

Happy Learning :slight_smile:

Shubham Ranjan
Curriculum Support Engineer