Enterprise Server unavailable for Ubuntu 17.10, what can I possibly do?

I suppose the question above clears the air, this is just extra text to fill basic criteria.

Same for Windows x64. This is frustrating.

For Ubuntu, as long as you have an active Internet connection, you should be able to install it through APT. Then again, for M001 you only need the Mongo shell, so sudo apt install mongo-shell should be enough if you’re lucky.

Putting that aside, MongoDB Enterprise should be available for download for both Unica 17 and for recent 64-bit Windows versions.

I had gone through the OS list at MongoDB Download Center for Enterprise server, didn’t find it for Ubuntu 17.10, rather they had it for Ubuntu version 16.x and 18.x

Is there a way I can possibly pass the course after attempting all the answers right for Week-3?

In that case either use the APT route I suggested, or use the package for 16.

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Hi Sean_Lindsay-Smith_02458,

The package is available for Windows 64-bit versions. I am able to download it. Please share the screenshot so that I can help better.
Here is my screenshot.


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