Enterprise server is available for macOS only without SSL support

Hi, I’m trying to download enterprise server from here https://www.mongodb.com/download-center/enterprise I have macOS. It suggests me the only option when I try to select OS: macOS 64-bit without SSL support. The video says that I need SSL to connect to Atlas clusters. How could I solve this? Thanks.

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Hi @Oleksandr_38457,

The information in the video is misleading. What you need is a mongo shell with SSL support, both the community and enterprise editions of MongoDB mongo shell have SSL enabled, since version 3.6.5. If you are downloading the latest (4.0.x) the SSL support is available.

We recommend you to use/download the Enterprise version since it is the one we use in the course videos (avoid cognitive dissonance).

We’ll be updating the video soon to remove any confusion.

Thanks for flagging!



Where I can find MongoDB shell with SSL support? Because community/enterprise server package for Ubuntu does not contain files mentioned in video.

The Mongo shell will always have SSL support.

Which particular files and/or video are you referring to Peter?

I am refering to video wih instalation instructions for Mac. I think it was second or third. I tried to install mongodb files to Ubuntu.
Download page is different as on video. Server package is not containing shell files.
I finally found files I was looking for. You need to change type of download to shell.

Ahh correct, yes. Sorry for missing that you were on Linux!

For Linux, MongoDB is split into multiple packages. If you want the whole deal you will find yourself installing five packages :smiley: And that’s excluding Compass (which of course won’t go onto a server to begin with).