Empty collection music_albums after products import

Its it ok to have an empty collection “applicationData”.“music_albums” after the products import?

The lab validated , but wanted to be sure I did not miss something .

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I also have an empty music_albums collection.

But I do not understand why it got created by default. Someone please explain.

how did you import products ? using load ?

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No, We have to use mongoimport

so the mongimport comes after logging modules so I didn’t go there yet. How did you know about mongoimport while doing lab exercise for log ?

The log lab does not require us to import any data. I thought you were talking about the Importing a dataset lab.

Thanks for your help

OK and your lab validated ?
Glad its not just me …

Then its most likely ok and will be used in next section .
hopefully the moderator will respond …

Probably the magic of the Internet :slight_smile: either that, or they have had to load data at some other time.

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searching through the online documentation, seemed like the logical thing to do …

thanks .

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how do you start the mongod ? The command line command

mongod -f … usually in /etc/

Eder to week one of this training, as well as the M001 course.