Email/Password, Facebook, Google, etc. Authentication Resources

I am curious if there is a timeline (or even pipeline) for tutorials on the types of authentication for Realm applications, ideally React Native. As far as I am aware all the existing tutorials use anonymous user authentication and in the limited event there is an email/password authentication tutorial it is not a production level use case (i.e., without email verification, password reset, etc.).

I think these would be extremely valuable for the community. If there are resources out there I am somehow missing, beyond what is in the current documentation, direction would be greatly appreciated.


I will share other tutorials I find over time, but wanted to make sure everyone in the community knew that a tutorial is available for Facebook Authentication. I still think it would be extremely helpful if more detail was added to each authentication method in the MongoDB Realm documentation, but I hope this helps others who keep trying to figure out how to integrate authentication methods.

Also, just to be clear, I followed this tutorial and was able to get FB Auth working in my application.

Facebook Authentication - Implementing Facebook Authentication into Your React Native App with MongoDB Realm | by daphne levy | Realm Blog | Apr, 2022 | Medium

Hope this helps someone!