Email/Password Authentication Suddenly Won't Work for a User

Hey All -

I have run into this issue a few times while developing an application and before I report it as a bug wanted to make sure I am not missing anything.

I currently have a functioning react native application with email/password authentication. But during development my app may crash due to some small development error. When I try to log back in, there is not an issue, I re-authenticate the user.

Randomly, almost once a month (weirdly infrequent), following my application crashes and trying to log back in, my email/password suddenly does not work. If I open Realm on MongoDB, my current user and their email exists, which gives me the impression the password somehow changed or was lost. Since I have built a ‘Forgot My Password’ button that works, I go in to reset my password without issue. But again, I still can not log in. At this point, I have a user on Realm but can no longer authenticate them with email/password.

If I check my logs, I see the error ‘username/password invalid’ even though it’s the same username and password I had been using for over a month.


  1. Is there a way to correct this as the organization/project admin, like resetting the account? We are building a production application and want to at least be able to reset a user’s account so they can log back in. Online there seems to be very limited work I can do to manage the users of my application besides deleting the account.
  2. Any suggestions on how to troubleshoot this to determine the issue? I am almost certain it is related to the password, but have no way to prove it.
  3. Is this a bug?


Same issue for me. it’s happening in production. i’m getting “Network request failed” error while trying to login.

I posted the bug here…

I only thing I can confirm at this time is that it this issue seems to be increasing in frequency and most recently had occurred despite not making any changes to my application.

Yes , it’s keep increasing and this gonna be a major problem in realm. Not sure what’s the problem in realm authentication api.