Hi, guys!
I installed Garuda Linux in my quite old machine, and I am quite happy with it but mongo is not working.
I keep getting the ECONNREFUSED status when trying to connect.
I tried to open mongod and got this:
fish: Job 1, ‘mongod’ terminated by signal SIGILL (Illegal instruction)
That might mean that my machine is too old so I tried to uninstall mongo, but it keeps telling me that neither: mongo, mongod nor mongodb are installed.
Can anybody guide me?
By the way: I am unabled to find out which distribution is Garuda based on, so I can’t go deeper

Hello @Rafa_Gomez and welcome to the MongoDB Community forums! :wave:

A quick search shows that Garuda is based on Arch Linux.

Can you share the mongod log files? Having just a single line does not help.

Can you show a screenshot of how you’re trying to uninstall the packages? Again seeing everything that you see will make things easier for us to help you out.

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