Durable Writes / Write Concern Lecture

The Durable Writes / Write Concerns lecture needs to have some Java in it!

Leaving the student (me) to bumble around the API docs until I find out that write concern changed by having to grab a second copy of the collection by using usersCollection.withWriteConcern(WriteConcern.W2) is a bit of a stretch.

Given that this is supposed to be a Java course, I would be an improvement if whenever ANY concept was explained with references to how you would do it in the Mongo shell, it is then followed up with concrete examples in Java code.


Hi @gargoyle,

I got your point. Thanks for sharing your valuable feedback. I will share the feedback with the teams.

Keep them coming till then! :slight_smile: Good luck!


I second the motion. No examples of setting the write concern in the lessons, but it’s required for the tickets.

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agreed I too made mistake in first attempt & look for this forum.

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