Due Dates for Lab activities and certificate

Hi, I cannot find the due dates for the labs and chapters. So far I have made all the labs without due dates problems, but I would like to know in order to plan my time and complete all the course correctly.

Also I want to know if the completion of this course gives justa a completion document or a certificate, or is the same?
Thank you very much!

As per new format there are no due dates for individual chapters
You have 2 months to complete the course
It would have been displayed on your course page

After completing the course you will get course completion confirmation
It is not a certificate

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Hi @Alan_14930,

In addition to @Ramachandra_37567,

You can see the due date on the Course Overview page or in the left panel listing the content of any chapter.

Certification is different from Course Completion Confirmation. For more information on Certification, please visit this page.

Hope it helps!

~ Shubham