Downloading Enterprise Server

Where can i download the enterprise server? The video is related to an old version of the site.
Thank You

You should be able to download from

ThankYou. It was the scroll on Chrome that did not visualize correctly the download button at the bottom of the information needed to download. I had to resize my screen; with 100% you cannot see it.

One last question; it seems that the server works only on Windows 10, right?

What version of mongodb are you planning to install?
On that page you will see supported platforms
Choose appropriate for your os

Win7 but it is since yesterday that installation process does not end. I have win 7 on my pc

Please check if anything is blocking your install like firewall,antivirus etc

Also check this link if it helps

Hi @Alessandro_Amici,

I believe you should try downloading older versions of MongoDB.

Unfortunately, we do not support issues for Windows 7 OS.

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