Downloading Compass issue [solved before finishing the post]

Hi, I have started with this course at work and I also decided to install it on my personal computer. Everything was fine and working at the first time. But after the lesson about creating cluster in cloud I am not able to download it.
It either requires new registration or if I login it redirect directly to Atlas cloud GUI skipping the download.

Now it seems to me that it is just a bad design, when I want to download stuff it pop me a window to ask about job position, country etc. I can populate and It starts with download but if I choose to login it redirect me to that Atlas cloud GUI without downloading option. Does not seem to be ok, if I am already registered to populate everytime I want to re-download the software.

Hi @Vaclav_Kozak_11431,

When you are trying to download Compass, it asks to fill the form every time when you are using different system or different browsers. However, if you hit the Download button in the same browser in a system, you will not be prompted to fill the form every time.

Please let me know, if you have any questions.



thank you. It looks like a reasonable but still it looks like that already registered person has to use the same browser otherwise needs to go through the registration over and over again
Fun fact : I have 9 browsers, and I believe I am not alone, it will be usual combination - firefox,Edge,Chrome on personal laptop, company laptop, and personal desktop…