Downloaded mongodb but cannot execute

sorry, need help, cannot execute, pasting what I managed to do1mongo 2mongo 3mongo

wondering if perhaps I should uninstall everything mongo related and then reinstall?

Hi FRANKLIN_14448,

Everything looks perfect!

Have you restarted your Command Prompt after setting your Environment variable? If not, please do.

If you have done that check if it is mentioned and updated corrected. Run this command from command prompt:

C:\Users\FB> set

Let me know if it works!


Dear Kanika,

Good morning. Thank you for your support. Yes I will act on your expert counsel and respond as soon as I can.



Dear Kanika and MongoDB University,

Greetings, thank you again for your help, was wondering if I set up correctly, I am attaching my screenshot after uninstalling and reinstalling, sorry I don’t understand what the shell returns after I type my commands.



Hi Franklin,

I wish it is mentioned separately in other thread, please check my reply here.

If you still have any confusion, let me know.


Hi Franklin…
You need to make sure you have set up your environment variable for the bin path for the mongo and depending on the version of windows, once you have it set up , you will need to restart your computer.
Hope that helps!!