Download options for non-community are broken

I would like to let you know that for some users it is impossible to download the entreprise version on Compass and Server. I have been trying for over a week to do as instructed in the videos but cannot complete the download step. When prompted for a business email I get the following message when pressing the button


and have been for more than a week without further explanations. The email I use in this window matches the one from my mongodb university login.

I have completed chapter1 without the schemas tab on the compass community version. I am about to try chapter 2 with the community server version.

If your download center authentification process is broken or if you cannot provide more helpful error messages it might be better to remove the outdated videos and replace them with up to date text instructions instead.

My config : Windows 8.1, google chrome browser.

Hey @Alexandre_91635

Here is a link for Compass

If you need a different version then just change the last part to whatever name you want.

As for Server Enterprise. I am not sure why you are getting the error. To save you the headache however I will say that you will have not any trouble completing this course with the Community Edition of MongoDB Server.

For the courses that truly require Enterprise ed. MongoDB University has graciously provided us students with vagrant VM preloaded with Enterprise or and other program need to complete the courses.

Hope this helps you out :exclamation:

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