Download link for movies.json file

Hi , I am using Atlas sandbox for this module, can someone provide me the JSON file to import movies collection in my sandbox

The course can be done using they link they provide on the first lessons:

mongo "mongodb://,," --authenticationDatabase admin --ssl -u m121 -p aggregations --norc

But if you still want the collection, it can be generated from that link using mongoexport/mongodump.

Or you can clone the collection from my repository using:

git clone -b movies --single-branch moviesDownloadFromGitHub

Next use mongorestore like this:

cd moviesDownloadFromGitHub
mongorestore <yourUri> -u <user> -p <pass> --authenticationDatabase admin --nsInclude aggregations.movies dump

Be aware I’m not from MongoDB and this is not official.
Just to help.


Wow, thanks for the quick reply @Santiago_Miranda . I will check it out

Hi @Santiago_Miranda.
Thanks for your help, I moved ahead and used the link you provided. however, I had to use the link in a windows shell which is very cumbersome. Is there a way I can connect the server through Visual studio code? . The link works perfectly through shell though but cannot be used though VS Code or compas.

Welcome! @Nizar_Ali,

Try this in Compass


We’re including all the options as key=value pairs in a single string, like a query string in HTTP.

You could try that in VS Code too, but I’ve no way to test it right now.


It worked in compass and in VS Code. Thanks for the prompt reply. I really appreciate.

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