Download Course Materials

The lessons are well prepared. Thank you for your effort.
But :slight_smile:
Why didn’t you share the lecture slides as well?

Hi @Ercan_S,

Thanks for the feedback. We are very pleased for being appreciated for our efforts. We at MongoDB University strive to provide quality learning experience for our learners and here we are glad you liked it.

Meanwhile we can share the lecture slides if you think it adds values to the learning experience but we have certain thought for not sharing as it don’t represent 100% of the content covered in a lesson/chapter. We just use it to supplement and reinforce the main points in the lecture videos.

Furthermore, some courses use the terminal to present content while others include live presentations of features like Atlas Cloud cluster. Therefore, the slides often don’t represent a complete takeaway of the learning.

Moreover we appreciate your suggestions and will look if we can incorporate it in our upcoming courses.

In case of any further questions, please feel free to reach out.

Happy Learning,
Kind Regards,


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