Doubt in mongodb quiz

Anyone please confim below “A” is correct, I have doubt on it, but mongodb univercity showing its correct

Which of the following can result in rolling maintenance? (Select all that apply.)

Incorrect Answer

  • A. Creating a new index

Correct Answer


Creating a new index on a replica set requires it to be built on each node in a rolling fashion.

  • B. Upgrading the MongoDB version

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The MongoDB version of each host must be upgraded individually in a rolling fashion.

  • C. Creating a new user


The process of creating a new user is replicated by all members of a replica set, which eliminates the need for rolling maintenance.

  • D. Upgrading the operating system

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Upgrading the host’s operating system requires you to restart each mongod process in a rolling fashion.

Rolling is optional. And is not selected by default.

@Sivamoorthy_V Which Exam is this quiz for ?

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@Sivamoorthy_V Please reach out to with your concerns and they will be happy to look further into this for you. Thank you!

@chris Thanks Chris! This practice question is from one of our Units/Courses in MongoDB University. The University team will be able to help them verify their answer. Thx again!