Does Atlas (Realm) Kotlin Multi Platform currently support Windows?

I am running into an issue using Atlas/Realm with a KMP project and from the error, I’m wondering if it is because it doesn’t yet support Windows (Desktop App instead of Android, iOS, or HTML).

My code is:

fun saveNewLot(newPellotLot: PelletLot) {
    val configuration = RealmConfiguration.create(schema = setOf(PelletLot::class))
    val realm =

    Napier.d("Saving new lot with Key: ${newPellotLot.dateOfInput} lotNumber: ${newPellotLot.lotNumber}")

    realm.writeBlocking {
        val pellotLot = copyToRealm(newPellotLot)

        Napier.d("PellotLot: " + pellotLot.lotNumber + " saved off.")


It dies with a " No built-in scheduler implementation for this platform" error.