Documentation, Kotlin Client Reset Logic

This is extremely anemic.

How do developers implement client reset logic using the Kotlin SDK?

It says what the error means, how would you even correct the error? How would you setup client reset logic?

The Kotlin SDK has been hyper focused on Flexible Sync since its launch with the Multiplatform Kotlin SDK, how would you have a wrong sync type? Is that an error? What would cause Flexible Sync in Kotlin to think Partitioned sync has been called?

Hi, the Kotlin SDK should automatically select the new client reset logic as of 1.7. Please see this article by an engineer on the team: Realm Kotlin 1.7. We just released Realm Kotlin 1.7.0 to… | by Christian Melchior | Realm Blog | Mar, 2023 | Medium

@Tyler_Kaye Wait a minute… Why does Kotlin get automatic reset logic, but not React.Native, Flutter, or C#?

Yo, that ain’t fair, but I’m extremely thrilled that automatic implementations are in the works!!!

@Tyler_Kaye What is Wrong Sync type though? If you have flex sync setup as the default, how would you have it think it’s partition? Or is this related to some kind of migration issue that’s been seen?

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