Docs changes in atlas not reflecting on android client

Hi, I have setup realm sync as per the docs. I’m in a situation where android syncs documents down as per partition setup. I then make a change to the doc on atlas side. On android client I open the realm, do a realm.syncSession.downloadAllServerChanges() which seems to succeed. Print the doc in question, but my changes done in atlas do not reflect on android. I have tried to pause sync and enable again on mongo console, I have also tried uninstall app android side, reinstall - login - sync with downloadAllServerChanges() again, which seems to succeed, but still not reflecting doc changes made in atlas. I’m not sure what else do be trying or how else to diagnose this, all advise appreciated.

Hello @hiren_patel, Welcome to the community.

Would it be possible for you to share some code snippets or GitHub repo links? Since I don’t see the realm implementation it’s hard to answer this.