Do we have Mongo DB Atlas Endpoints to list collections /Databases


1.Do we have rest endpoint for also listing db names and listing all collection name

2.SCRAM,X509 Authentication, LDAP, Kerberos Authentication mechanism – this Authentication mechanism is for Database User login, right? We are not using it externally when we connect to db with Rest Endpoints.

3.For rest endpoints Authentication mechanism (Authentication Provider) is :API key, email-password, JWT token – From I am understanding we can get bearer token and refresh token.

I tried from postman ,getting below response. “Authentication via local-userpass is unsupported”, same observed with apikey and annon-user.

  1. What is connection parameter difference between jdbc connection and rest endpoint connection? What parameter comes in jdbc connection and
    what parameter comes while configuring through REST Endpoints. Could you share rest endpoint doc for connection request and refresh token request ?


Can you share more context on what you’re looking to do/build?

we are looking for REST endpoint only to list the all collections. we are planning to implement connector for Mongo DB, currently we don’t have JDBC driver support so planning to use Rest endpoints.

I’ll reach out via email to ensure you’re getting the help you need