Do Mongo functions such as findOne, updateOne run async

Hi, I’m trying to resolve an issue where I have a couple of functions (findOne, updateOne) chained within a for next loop.

When executed it updates the wrong item - (probably because the for-next loop has advanced to the next item)

However, when I use only ‘updateOne’ alone (removed findOne), it updated the correct item. I’m unsure if it works because the update completes before the for-next is advanced or there is some error in the .then chain due to async behaviour. I’ve tried adding await before updateOne & findOne, but this errors ‘await is only valid in async function’.

Here’s a snippet of code that updates the wrong item, any assistance appreciated.

setInterval(function () {

        bidEnded: false,
        productStatus: 'Live' 
    }).then(dbProductRes => {

        for (var i = 0; i < dbProductRes.length; i++) {

            var product = dbProductRes[i].toObject();

                bidderToken: winningBidder

            }).then(res => {

                    productId: product.productId
                }, {
                    $set: {
                        productStatus: "Sold-PaymentSuccessful"




}, 15000);