Do I need to attend all exercise to get the course certificate?

I have completed attended all the chapters. My percentage is also good but still not getting completed certificate, is anything pending from my side.
Please assist.

Have you completed all quiz questions and final exam?
What does your course progress page show?

Hi @Nitin_Hase and welcome to the MongoDB Community forums.

From your screenshot, you need to complete four graded items in chapter 4 and three in chapter 5 before you will get a link to download your certificate of completion (as long as you’ve reached the minimum required score). Clicking on the unfilled circles will take you directly to the assignment.

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To receive a proof of completion, you will need to achieve 65% on graded material.

All MDBU courses have this completion requisite. You can see your overall progress at the head of this course overview page as bar graphs.

I haven’t checked for my courses, but when you reach 65% you should see a “View Proof of Completion” button at the top.

Total is the mean of graded quizzes and final exam grades.