Do I have to look at hands and fingers during this whole course?

It is distracting and annoying to look at a giant hand and fingers. I am using a 27 inch screen with 2K resolution. Can’t they use simple arrows done on the computer instead? The basic course M001 was done way more professionally.

I just want to know if I will have to see that hand on my screen during the whole 6 hours course. It is really annoying and I can’t believe MongoDB standards allowed that. This could have simply been replaced by computer generated arrows or underlines.


I ended up just reading the documentation or look for more information online. I really can’t watch those lessons with the hands and fingers all over the screen.

I would appreciate if these lessons graphics was re-done more professionally. No need to do fancy stuff, just using the normal mouse pointer instead of a whole big hand covering half of the screen would be much better.

Sorry if I sound frustrated, I hope my comments are being taken constructively… It is just such a bummer going to this after completing the M001 class which was done very professionally.


Please do not post the same comment in more than one post. It is very anoying for the people trying to help having to read the same complain in multiple threads.


is it really annoying tho?

come on man, you got an issue here, is it the stay-at-home or what?:joy:

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Maybe it is just me :man_shrugging: I just can’t help to notice the skin and nails details every time. A manicure would make it more enjoyable to look at.

Probably having a big screen and high resolution makes it more noticeable.

The narration is very good tho! :ok_hand:

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I’m glad someone said it. It is pretty distracting and a little off-putting. We’ve all talked about it at my workplace. You’re not alone, Patrick. Disembodied hands are weird for people (it makes me think of “Thing” from Addams Family, there’s a reason it’s kind of weird).


It doesn’t bother me at all.

However, going forward the content creators may well bare it in mind, and since the early days, of the university, the content has improved with each iteration.

I value that the content is free, and it by the company themselves, so any issues are going to be very minimal. As a resource I think it is invaluable.

Another tier of developer courses would be good :slight_smile:

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