Direct mongoose document assignment

I’m running across something that had me a little troubled but I’m not exactly sure if my worries are merited or not.

Here’s the code:

  if (this.order) {
    let order = await Order.findOne({ _id: this.order }).populate("products");
    order = {
      id: order.uniqueNumber,
      products: order.products
        .filter((p) => p.vendor == String(recipient._id))
        .map((p) => p.getDataForEvents()),
    let data = { ...shared, order };
    await Event.create("New Message - Order",, data);

My question is: is it alright to overwrite a mongoose document reference in this way? the order, then reassignment on the next line. I wasn’t sure but it bothered me because I know mongoose tracks changes and I’m not sure if this could mess anything up. My co worker seems to think it’s fine, but I wanted to ask here to be sure. any ideas?