Diffrence between $and operator and just comma?

Question 1>
I still can’t clearly tell the difference between using the $and operator and “,”
Can anyone tell me the difference between the three sentences below?

Method1: Didn’t work

    tripduration: null, tripduration: { $exists: true } 
}); // Doesn't work,

Method2: works!

    tripduration: { $exists: true, $eq: null } 

Method3: Works!

    $and: [{ tripduration: null }, { tripduration: { $exists: true } }] 

And if the fields in the query are different, just comma(1st try method) seems to be enough.

db.trips.find({ **//Works!**
    "start station id" : 279, 
    "start station name" : "Peck Slip & Front St",
    "bikeid" : 16118,

Is method 2 and method 3 used when field names are same?

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Here’s an excerpt from the official documentation re this:

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