Difficulty with splitting the string

I am on the first lab of chapter three. It says that all movies which won Oscars have an awards field that begins with “Won x number Oscars.” I went to the documentation to find out how to do this. Splitting the string was easy enough – just follow the documentation and split on the space. However, the problem comes in the $match stage. Per the documentation, after $unwind, I followed the format:

{ $match : { city_state : /[A-Z]{2}/ } },

…replacing the [A-Z] with digits, and assuming the the {2} was which split off string element to match. The problem is that my results are incorrect. When I do this in Compass, I get too-high numbers of awards. For instance, one sample document shows “num_awards: 14.” But when I look up that specific _id in the “Documents” tab, it says, “Won 8 Oscars. Another 14 wins & 7 nominations.” So it looks like it is showing the fifth string element, not the second. What did I miss?

With regexp you do not have to split the field. I suggest you read