Different user name on Lab for Chapter 1

I created a user called dpk-admin , not M001-student. so when I tried the Lab on chapter 1 , pasted the shell string , I was able to successfully connect and see the dbs also. But when I click "Run Test’ , it says Total 2 , Pass 1 , skipped 0 with Fail - Did you create the user M001-student . so it didnt grade my lab and shows not completed for Lab on chapter 1

I think that my recommendation will be to create a user named m001-student. Note that in user name and password are case sensitive so m001-student is not the same as M001-student and it is certainly not the same as dpk-admin. A lab has a set of requirements. You have to follow the requirements. It is only when things are setup according to the lab that the lab can be validated.

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Thanks for your reply. Added another user with admin access and ran the script. All pass :slight_smile: