Different syntax of writing Mongo DB code

Hi, I have been through an assessment for Mongo DB internally within my organization where my questions syntax of Mongo was different then the typical Mongo Shell commands.
For example it had arrow functions like syntax( like “key” => “value”).
Can someone please assist me what kind of other syntax’s we can write Mongo Code in.


Sorry, but I have no idea what you mean by “…syntax of Mongo…”. Are you having some problem with the Mongo query language? What is your prior experience with Mongo, and what prerequisite courses have you taken?

Hi, Thank your for the instant reply. I searched more and found out the “syntax” i was searching for was of a “PHP” based variable declaration using mongodb.
So this question seems to be irrelevant now… Thanks…

I just wish that the commands can be case insensitive :frowning: having said that, there is auto-completion :slight_smile: