Different code in mflix zip and github repository

The code in the mflix zip file and the one on github looks to be different. The tests in github respository one seem incorrect and are failing.

Which is the right place to pick up the mflix folder from? as the lesson does mention about picking up mflix from github as one of the ways.

You are right. Repository from Github is not working. The line from test_db_connection.py

assert num_found == 45993

It is fault, because the count of movies return 23539


I tries two datasets 1) from data folder, 2) from Atlas - Load sample dataset.

Hi @Denis_53407, @Aditya_43939,

Please share the github url you are using to download the course directory.

Also, please download the zip file from Handouts section from the course as we have updated the course content.


Yes, thats the issue I was getting too.

Hi everyone, and kanika.


Well, I have got the same problem. And yes, It seems to be the data is outdated. However, an additional problem to this, is that It hasn’t been impossible to be successful in the lab activities in the chapter 2 because the data is not the same according to the python testing procedures. i.e. pytest -m projection, pytest -m text_and_subfield_search and pytest -m connection.

On the other hand, the chapter 1 and 2 have to be completed before next Tuesday. I have completed both chapters but I have failed the labs, and if this issue hasn’t fixed with the remaining chapters, it will be possible to pass the course ?

That’s all, and thank you in advance for your response and attention to these issues.

Hi @Oswaldo_47703,

Please download the handouts as I have already mentioned here.

Let me know if you still face any issues.