Difference for .conf vs .yaml

For Lab 1 the config files are referenced as mongod-repl-{1,2,3}.conf. I was wondering why they are .conf files and not .yaml files.It is easier for my code editor if they are .yaml, so will this make an end difference on the validator?

If it’s a lab requirement then it should be adhered to.

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Hi @Brooklyn_81434,

The validator shouldn’t complain in this case but as @007_jb mentioned, please make sure that you are following other instructions carefully.


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Yes it didn’t matter in the end. I was mainly just interested in the design choice and if the two file types actually have a difference

What are the differences and in what context?

The content of the configuration files have to adhere to the YAML syntax but it does not matter what the filename extension is.

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I actually misread @Brooklyn_81434’s reply to mean “it did matter” and was waiting to disprove it like you did. I don’t know how I read it that way, perhaps in a hurry.

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Closing this thread as the issue has been resolved.