Difference between 2 expressions

Hi What is the differencce between these 2 expressions

awards: /Won \d{1,2} Oscars?/



I’ll summarise with some examples. You’ll need to learn more about Regex.

Won 1 Oscar
Won 01 Oscar
Won 13 Oscars
Joe Bloggs Won Won Won 0 Oscar
Parineeta_Patel_02561 Won 99 Oscars
Parineeta_Patel_02561 Won 72 Oscars and 54 Grammys

Won 1 Oscar
Won 01 Oscar
Wonsome jibberish %()_£ ejhrje# Oscar
Won anything Oscar can go here 9Oscar
Won jibberis9Oscar and other Grammys
… etc.

Feel free to ask more questions.