Did anyone successfully use "sku" as shard key in the lab "Sharding a Collection"?

Did anyone else experience an error similar to “incorrect number of documents in the products collection” when using “sku” as the shard key in the lab “Sharding a Collection”? I dropped the collection, re-imported and used “name” instead, and the validation passed. More a curiosity question than anything else.

Yes it works with sku

I faced with the same issue.
after re-import and re-sharding, validation with sku passed

yes its working! we need to re import again

I’m thinking the issue might be not doing a use m103 before sharding. Things appeared to work without it till I did “Run Test” but just doing
use m103
db.products.createIndex( { “sku” : 1 } )
sh.shardCollection(“m103.products”, {“sku” : 1 } )
got the test passing for me without dropping and reimporting.