Device Sync: Web support?

I would like to use Atlas Device Sync in our reactJS web app. My use-case is our trading app & I would like to not manage my own frontend APIs + graphql servers.

I can use the mongo APIs in the realm SDK, but using the watch() function falls under the Request pricing which is cost prohibitive. The DeviceSync pricing structure is not.

Are there plans to support Device Sync in Web? What is the limitation of the browser?

We’ve been exploring what it would take to bring Device Sync to Web - the issue is that Realm is traditionally stored on disk and we don’t have access to that in a browser. We’ve been experimenting but it would be a long-term project. Your best bet now is to use the Data API, GraphQL, or HTTPS endpoints.

Device Sync doesn’t use the indexedb OR localstorage equivalent in react-native or electron?

No - for Electron and React Native we commit data on disk in the realm file format. We are exploring IndexedDB and localstorage - they are not too amenable to an object database file format but we are researching options.

OK. Makes sense. Thanks for the update.

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