Developer Cert still linked to V4.4

Hi, I’m working through the Mongo Developer Cert. path and plan to take the exam in a week or two but I noticed the cert is still linked to V4.4 even though V5 has been out for some time now and the cert descrription states that certs never expire but are linked to major versions. It’s not ideal to get a cert that feels like it is outdated even at the time of qualification. When will the cert be updated to V5?

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I am also curious about this. I plan on registering for the next available certification exam (though there are currently no exams available).

Hi @tony_tc, @Lucas_Hall,

The current certification exams test fundamental knowledge and concepts for administering and developing for MongoDB that are not significantly version-specific. However, before bumping the version associated with the exam the curriculum team reviews existing course and study materials to ensure alignment.

The certification exams will be associated with MongoDB 5.0 from the next session (February). Upcoming sessions are now available for registration via the MongoDB Professional Certification section of the MongoDB University site.


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