Developer Associate Exam

Hi Team,
I am preparing for Developer certification, need some clarifications. I have already finished with developer course path.
Ques : Is covering/practicing links/videos given the study guide will be enough and are they accurate to the latest exam version, as there are previous questions on the same ??
As it looks as per the exam guide that zones under sharding will not be part of the exam questions.
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The study guide is up-to-date. And we recommend going through the documentation and practice as much as you can. :slight_smile:

cc @Sonali_Mamgain

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I’ll say this to your question about if the study guide and university courses are enough.

Short answer: Yes especially if the courses are fresh in your head and you have been using mongoDb

However reading the documentation surrounding the developer path (aggregation, indexing, etc.), will definitely help with a few questions.

thanks @natac13
I will concentrate on links given in the study guide for each topic.

For everyone,
Successfully cleared the exam, got the result today. This is for version 4.4
Below are some approximate number of question that appear for different sections during the exam, hope this will help others who are preparing for the same.
23 questions on CRUD
18 questions on Index and performance
08 on Data modeling
05 on Replication
06 on Sharding
I believe this may change from exam to exam.

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Hi there, will like to enquire which tricky topic for CRUD and Index & performance should I look out for … took the recent 4.4 too but I cannot remember most of the tricky questions.

As much I remember, few tricky questions
Array operators $, $[identifier], $all and $in array operators, some of the questions on identifying the Aggregation stages to complete the given pipeline.
Index and Performance :-
Covered queries, Index prefixes
This much I remember, hope this helps :slight_smile:


That what I roughly managed to remember too, I am pretty confident with those questions but I guess I will revise more on those aggregation stages.

I did badly on Index and Performance though … I am pretty confident with the covered queries and the index type. The tricky questions I believe is asking if performance is affected by certain index … I guess I have to read the question properly. Index Prefixes … I will review it again.

Thanks for the tips.